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If you've ever wondered about the background to the current election in Unite, in particular which faction has been stabbing which other faction in the back, then dearunite.com has come across an article which we can't fault: The Left and the Jerry Hicks campaign (Why the Socialist Party and AWL have got it wrong).

It's a little long but persevere.   It has a great quote from one notorious faction, the Alliance for Workers Liberty (AWL), a weirdly Zionist Trotskyist group:
"Calling for a vote for McCluskey does not mean relying on him to deliver what he says he stands for. McCluskey has not done it so far, in his capacity as Assistant General Secretary. And there is no reason to suppose that he would deliver in the role of General Secretary."
Believe it or not, AWL are aggressively supporting McCluskey. The article also has a new account of the infamously stitched-up 'United Left' meeting that selected McCluskey, which we reported on in September.

New! Another good article, more 'technical' and less penetrable, from the Communist Party of Great Britain:
The 'United Left' has no internal democracy and there is no chance of ever getting it. It is dominated in terms of personnel and ideology by full-timers and union employees, whose career advancement depends on doing the bureaucracy’s bidding. They guard the portals of the organisation. If you ever looked like democratising that body and allowing in the ranks in struggle, it would be ‘Goodbye, gobshite’.

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