'United Left' Ban Another Left Activist

UL's Commandant Martin Meyer's cameo role in 'The Wall'
The tiny (193 members) group that purports to be the 'United left' or even more unbelievably 'Broad Left' in the union are now down to 192 members after banning one more. 192 members out of a union of 1.5 million!

Today Mark of Unite Central branch was removed after daring to write:
"Make sure you don’t have any regrets after the Election.
Make sure that you don't feel that you have been used and spat out by another highly paid Union Officer to get another pay rise.
Make sure that you don’t have that empty feeling that nothing has been gained by this election.
Make sure that you are not bullied by others.
Make sure you vote for Jerry Hicks"
This was in response to a mailing by the 'McCluskey Club' urging voters to support the Machine.  There must be a limit to how many members the tiny group can ban before it disappears up its own arse...

Previously banned and airbrushed was the editor of dearunite.com. We attach one of those airbrushed out posts here, exposing an old betrayal by the
highly paid management of the union - the scandal of financial support for the Blairite John Cruddas for deputy leader of the Labour Party. If you are a member of the 'United Left' mailing list you won't find that in the archives, though you will find responses to it that quote it in full! The airbrushing is a obviously little under developed at present.

Many on the 'United Left list are actually paid employees of the union, some even having the front to use their '@unitetheunion.org' email addresses (see pic at left).  Many also have multiple names like 'Sean' AKA  'Seany' AKA 'John McGovern', so even the tiny 192 figure is an over estimate.  Roll on the days when we can have a large, democratic, un-paranoid and non-bullying left group in our union - vote for Jerry Hicks the only non management candidate.  For members who haven't received a ballot paper (or even those who have dumped or mislaid it) ring free:

0800 783 3856 (0818 333 155 from the Republic of Ireland) to get another.

Sean AKA Seany AKA John McGovern, actually a manager of the 'United Left' group,  was moved to write a fond goodbye to Mark:
"You are the weakest link - goodbye, gobshite!

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  1. Len McCluskey's United Left 'inclusive and tolerant, where fear plays no part' team are busy expelling people.

  2. This is what the United Left Loonies are posting, I think they has lost all grip on reality:

    Quayle, Dave [Dave.Quayle@trafford.gov.uk]

    I have followed this and related correspondence with some interest! I fully agree with Sean's comment of "goodbye, gobshite" in relationsh...ip to "Mark" and the sooner he follows Sean's advice the better.

    However it does lead on to another much more serious and broader issue that particularly comes up as a result of the GS elections. This that is how do we, in the UL, relate to and interact with followers of Leon Trotsky's 4th International commonly know as "Trots". Many of us have grown old watching them split reform and split again always showing the same love of conspiracy theory and secrecy. It has personally given me years of mild amusement, but, these days, I must confess that, I have lost the plot as to who is what and where within their ranks.

    My own view is that we should continue as we are now and include these people with in the UL. We agreed the protocol re Len/Hicks and our network and it has been stuck to more or less not withstanding Mark's attempts to smash it. When the election is over for GS we will need maximum left unity to fight the real enemy and that's this Tory government and their Lib Dem flunkeys. Now I know that this was not always the case in the AUG but it was(again more or less) in the old T&G Broad Left. In Region 6( now the NW and my own region) we had/have some particularly good and active comrades who came from the Trotskyite end of the political spectrum and in my view they should remain welcome in our ranks.

    Let me make it clear my tolerance does not extend to "Mark" and his ilk.
    Yours in comradeship
    PS ok, I follow the 2nd International and as I get older even the 3rd!

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    On Behalf Of Sean McGovern
    Sent: 05 November 2010 18:16
    To: unitedleft@googlegroups.com
    Subject: Re: [United Left] No Regrets....Vote for Jerry Hicks

    You are the weakest link - goodbye, gobshite!


  3. UL membership only 192 but I reckon most of them are silently horrified at what the powerful minority are loudly up to. Some are even rebelling and making public the shit, see last comment.