A Full Time Officer Wrote

A short-lived web site, apparently set up by a Unite full time officer, appeared last month with great promise.  However it disapeared shortly after 11th May.  It seems discipline is tight.   Fortunately we have saved an exact copy here, for ever. If the owner would like to retrieve it please contact dearunite.com.

AV - Which Side Are You On?

If you're wondering how to vote on Thursday, below is a short list of how people or organisations you may like or dislike are going to vote:

For AV Against AV
Tony Benn Norman Tebbit
Ken Livingstone David Cameron
John McDonnell MP Pretty well the entire Tory party
Jeremy Corbyn MP Nick Griffin BNP
Caroline Lucas MP Caroline Flint MP
George Monbiot Hazel Blears MP
Mark Thomas Lord Prescott
Peter Tatchell The Sun
Billy Bragg The Daily Mail
Charlie Brooker Peter Stringfellow
www.dearunite.com Unite the union

Lessons from the past: Why Tories oppose AV.

'Vote no to AV' group accused of being 'a Tory front organisation'.

Or, if you prefer, an impartial