Blair - Paid Up War Criminal

Here is the full protest, no longer shown on maintream TV due to the JP Morgan allegations. JP Morgan Chase is the largest bank in the US. Tony Blair is currently a part time employee of JP Morgan Chase on a salary of $1 million.

Syria or Iraq? BBC fake photo

Hollande or Sarkozy

Holland Sarkozy
Tweedledee or Tweedledum?
Holland Sarkozy
From the right or left?

Europe! or Yurope!
Surveillance cameras or camera surveillance?
OGM? or GMO?
The war for war? or War for Peace?

Chorus x2

Global Governance? or New World Order?
Build walls? or Destroy nature?
Carbon tax? or tax on air?
Honour the debt? or Honouring or the beast?

Chorus x2

DSK Too bad he's gone ... he was really different ...
Oh yes! He was really different!

Unite LGBT election results

Two days ahead of the official announcement Grass Roots Left have the results of the election for the LGBT seat on the union's executive.  Click here: .

Hester trousered £7.7M

Happy Times Stephen Hester
Royal Bank of Soctland Chief Exec Stephen Hester, currently in a row over just under £1 million in bonuses, picked up £7.7million in bonus and pension payments without fuss in March 2011:

100 RBS bankers on more than £1m

Hester's basic pay is £1.2million.

Stop War on Iran before it starts

Stop The War Rally - Hands off Iran and Syria

Saturday 28 January
US Embassy 2pm-4pm
Grosvenor Square London W1

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£200 Per Hour

This is the sort of thing which brings Unite into disrepute, courtesy of the Daily Mail:

Harman's MP husband forced to apologise after failing to declare £60,000 in payments from Unite union

By Jason Groves

Shamed: Jack Dromey (pictured with wife Harriet Harman) breached Commons rules for failing to declare payments totaling almost £60,000
Shamed: Jack Dromey (pictured with wife Harriet Harman) breached Commons rules for failing to declare payments totaling almost £60,000
A senior Labour MP was forced to apologise to the Commons yesterday after secretly accepting almost £60,000 in payments from the trade union Unite. A parliamentary sleaze inquiry found Jack Dromey, who is married to deputy Labour leader Harriet Harman, committed a serious breach of Commons rules by failing to declare a financial relationship with the union – Labour’s biggest donor – for more than a year.

Mr Dromey, 63, is Ed Miliband’s shadow housing minister and served for years as Labour’s treasurer, as well as holding a string of senior positions during a 32-year career in the trade union movement. But Mr Dromey was let off with a slap on the wrist after a committee of MPs ruled he was a ‘new and inexperienced MP’.

After his election in May 2010, Mr Dromey said he was resigning as Unite’s deputy general secretary and had ‘declined my salary in the meantime’. In fact, he continued to work for the union part time, charging up to £200 an hour for several months.

Mr Dromey was paid more than £28,000 in wages until he finally stopped working for the union in October 2010. The following month he was also given a £30,000 pay-off. He also had the use of a union-funded car, which he bought at a discount