McCluskey Fixes Trident

McCluskey, dealing with the devil
Unite's general secretary 'Lenny' McCluskey was instrumental in ensuring that proposals to scrap the Tories £100 billion pound Trident replacement scheme will not be debated at Labour conference.

Each sub carries 16 missiles with 14 warheads in each missile - click the map
To put this huge amount of money into perspective, it could pay for:
► Fully funding all A&E services in hospitals for 40 years
► Employing 150,000 new nurses
► Building 1.5 million new homes 
► Tuition fees for 4 million students
► Insulating 15 million homes
Far more skilled jobs could be created in socially useful sectors

Despite his pally photo shoots with Corbyn after the leadership election, never forget that McCluskey tried to prevent Corbyn becoming leader.

VW's Criminal Act

Volkswagen’s rigging of emissions tests for 11m cars means they may be responsible, worldwide,  for an extra 1,000,000 tonnes of air pollution every year, the same as the UK’s entire annual emissions for all power stations, vehicles, industry and agriculture combined, a Guardian analysis suggests.

Drax Power Station
The company admitted the device may have been fitted to 11m of its vehicles worldwide. If that proves correct, VW’s defective vehicles could be responsible for between 237,161 and 948,691 tonnes of NOx emissions each year, 10 to 40 times the pollution standard for new models in the US. Western Europe’s biggest power station, Drax in the UK, emits 39,000 tonnes of NOx each year.

Historic First: Leader of Labour Party Supports a Strike!

For the first time in living memory the leader of the Labour party has spoken out in support of workers on strike.

(Video is set to start at 12 minutes 44 seconds.  Just rewind if you want to watch the full speech)

Today at the Trade Union Congress (TUC)  Jeremy Corbyn supported strikers at the National Gallery:

"Welcome to those strikers from PCS from the National Gallery for what they’ve going through at the present time.  They look after our national treasures. They do it well, they love what they do and they love what we’ve got in our National Gallery. 

Please let’s not privatise our galleries and privatise our staff. Recognise them as being a precious national asset, not something to be traded away on the market of privatisation. Well done to you for your campaign."

This blows away an unpublicised but religiously applied doctrine that a sitting leader of the Labour party will never support a strike. It was most famously demonstrated when Neil Kinnock refused to back the nurses in their 1998 strike, a strike which was widely supported by the public.

Serwotka PCS union
As Mark Serwotka, general secretary of the PCS union said today

 "Labour leaders  would look at their showlaces when you asked them to support a strike"

Congratulations but what a shame that the party founded by the TUC in 1900 has taken this long to get to this point.  

Wikileaks Founder Interview

Well worth watching in Full.  Especially though his comments on Corbyn:

'I would be quite concerned for his long term safety.. if he maintained his line on NATO and scraping Trident... '

Skip to his comments on Corbyn here:

“Reveals a profound hatred
of democracy on the part of
our political leadership.”
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