McCluskey Fixes Trident

McCluskey, dealing with the devil
Unite's general secretary 'Lenny' McCluskey was instrumental in ensuring that proposals to scrap the Tories £100 billion pound Trident replacement scheme will not be debated at Labour conference.

Each sub carries 16 missiles with 14 warheads in each missile - click the map
To put this huge amount of money into perspective, it could pay for:
► Fully funding all A&E services in hospitals for 40 years
► Employing 150,000 new nurses
► Building 1.5 million new homes 
► Tuition fees for 4 million students
► Insulating 15 million homes
Far more skilled jobs could be created in socially useful sectors

Despite his pally photo shoots with Corbyn after the leadership election, never forget that McCluskey tried to prevent Corbyn becoming leader.

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