Official election results

We have the official Unite Executive election results a day early:  Click here or here (pdf file)

"This intervention must stop"

It's almost unprecedented for to publish as a main story an article by a General Secretary, but credit to McCluskey.  Whether the more bloodthirsty rightwingers in his small supporters' club will back him or break iron UL discipline is yet to be seen.  Already UL member Jim Denham (the 'Shitarsed Socialist') has bizarrely described it as 'scabbing' and declared "Len has no mandate whatsoever for his comment".

New! John Pilger on Libya

"This Libyan intervention must stop
By Len McCluskey (General Secretary of Unite)

Rather than pumping up a civil war, our government should be pushing for a ceasefire and international mediation

Libyan insurgents 'rebels' in Brega
The attack on Libya by British, French and US forces is wrong and should be halted without any further delay or futile loss of life. While holding no brief for Colonel Gaddafi and his regime, and strongly supporting the movements now developing for democracy and freedom across the Arab world, I believe the present military intervention is a mistake which shows the lessons of Iraq have still not been learned.

Unite Election - still time to vote

'Vote Early Vote Often' - Al Capone
If you didn't receive a ballot paper (or have lost it) you can get another, just call the union's freephone number 0800 783 3856 (0818 333 155 from the Republic of Ireland).

You have until Friday 15th April to get the ballot form back

Here are our recommended grass roots candidates.

LONDON AND EASTERN (BAEM)  Mohammed Golam Bhuiyan

SOUTHWEST  Doreen (Kelly) Roberts
WEST MIDLANDS  Martin Hartnett

Cost of War - £7 million per day (just Libya)

The cost to the UK of the war on Libya is estimated at £3 million a day according to the Daily Mirror.  The slightly more authoritative Daily Telegraph estimate £7 million a day, for the first 4 days.  That's about 1 UK hospital, fully equipped, each month.
"The cost of the four–day operation to date is £28.5million, The Daily Telegraph has learnt. The cost of putting four Tornado GR4 bombers, three Eurofighter Typhoons plus support aircraft into action is an estimated £3,216,000 a day. The Tornado costs £33,000 an hour to operate, including fuel, capital costs and crew training and the Typhoon costs £80,000 an hour."

Storm Shadow: Before, £1.1million
Storm Shadow: After, £2.50
One storm shadow cruise missile (left and right), used to destroy individual buildings, costs £1.1 million.  How many buildings in Libya cost £1.1 million you might wonder. 

To keep 10,000 troops in Afghanistan the Government is paying almost £5 billion a year, according to the Telegraph. That's about £13 million a day.  So Libya is half price.  BOGOF as they say.

New! Unite official statement on Libya.  Good for them.