Official election results

We have the official Unite Executive election results a day early:  Click here or here (pdf file)


  1. Now two days early!

  2. Shame they are not the official results. They don't include all the constituencies. They do include constituencies that are subject to investigation because of alleged election irregularities.

    So why no analysis of the Grass Roots Left's challenge?

  3. "So why no analysis of the Grass Roots Left's challenge?"

    They lost. What's to analyse?

  4. GrassRoots Left meeting on the 7th May update from Facebook
    20 Maybe
    30 Confirmed
    1487 invited!!!!!!!! including a lot of non members of Unite!!
    32 declined.
    I must admit in a week you have successfully spread the word to just under 1500 people . Shame you cant get out to 1500 Unite members.

  5. Even I got an invite!

  6. I received an invite as well

  7. couldnotevenwinanecseatApril 25, 2011 6:10 pm

    I have heard of broad lefts in a union but this GLR crowd take the biscuit.

    Not being in UNITE, a worker or even residing in the UK is no barrier to being invited.

    It couldn't get more random or is that more desperate!

    Is this because if they only invited UNITE members they would end up with a similar situation as the GLR executive Council election debarcle?

  8. Piss-ups in breweries spring to mind...

  9. Grass Roots left is a 'banner name' by which candidates were asked to stand under for the recent Unite NEC election. This followed what any neutral observer would consider an incredible result in the Unite election for General Secretary. Where an unemployed member of the biggest union in the country, on a shoe string budget, stood for the top job and came runner up with 52,527 votes, and in doing so beat 2 Assistant General Secretaries. Incidentally, the person who finished 3rd has left with a £250,000 pay off from members money and the one that finished last has been promoted! The invitation to the conference has been sent out to a wide and varied number of people, way beyond Unite. This is a reflection of the fact that more than a third of those involved in the GS election were not members of Unite, but would ultimately be affected by the result. For some the invite would be merely information, for others, those who wish to support the imitative it fulfils a promise made by me. That being, all those who helped in the Unite GS election would get a chance to determine what if anything would happen next. This conference [May 7th] is that chance.

    I hope this in some way makes matters clearer. Regards and respect, Jerry [Hicks]

  10. couldnotevenwinanecseatApril 27, 2011 10:40 am

    Jerry go and get a job, and may i suggest as a spin doctor, then you would have a chance of maybe representing someone. I heard the last time you did you walked away with hundreds of thousands of pounds too.

    Jerry given that you had already stood for GS the previous year and were running against new candidates you should have won as you had the highest profile in the union.

    You lost by a huge margin in part due to your dishonest antics at the UL hustings which soon spread across the union, in part due to your very negative campaigning and service led agenda and in part due to the fact and stated by you above a lot of your 'support' was from people not even in Unite.

    You make the big mistake that you are running for election for some political party and your recent atempts by your GRL in the Executive Council elections were a disaster and resulted in not one seat being won - now try and spin that one.

  11. Jerry:

    Bayliss was given the standard VR package.

    Cartmail was not promoted - she remains and AGS. She was however given a real job - not true of AGSs under the previous regime - where her capabilities can be tested and appropriate conclusions drawn.

    And a question Jerry. Are you unemployed because you have been blacklisted from every job you have applied for since your sacking? Or have you jest decided not look for work outside the union?

  12. "Bayliss was given the standard VR package". That's interesting, as any Unite employee knows that the VR application process had long closed before the GS election. Bayliss had not applied for VR during this time. He was treated totally different from all other employees of the union. As a member of staff denied VR, I and many other employees who also applied for VR are disgusted with his pay-off. But then, we’re just secretarial fodder to the bigwig, super-salaried national officers. We have to keep pinching ourselves to remind us that we are actually working for a trade union. One union – different rules.

  13. Once again we find paid Unite Officials throwing scorn on those GRL supporters who are seeking to bring democracy and accountability to our Union . As “trade unionists “ they should be ashamed of themselves. Many Unite employees ( like myself) are disillusioned with the way our union in being run, and a growing number of us will support the call for the election of union Officials and a GS on a workers wage.
    In solidarity with all those who support the empowerment of workers – down with those who represent their own self interest.

  14. elect all union employeesApril 29, 2011 1:11 pm

    ............ Anonymous .....April 28 2011 8.57

    What job do you do within Unite and why do think that union officials should be elected but make no comment about the election of all employees of (including yourself)Unite?

    Sounds like it one rule for everyone else but not for you and smacks of selfish self interest and hypocrisy to me.

    If we are talking about democracy and accountability should we not have all employees elected by members on a yearly basis? Union employees are not workers but overpaid bureaucrats with lots of holidays and endless days off sick. No wonder you are out of touch with real workers.

    I as a member have had on too many occasions when calling a union office been spoken to in either a rude way or couldn't careless manner by staff. Elections of these people by the members who pay their wages would make them accountable and change their ways!

  15. Hello Pot, i'm Kettle, meet Black.April 29, 2011 1:46 pm

    Stop the press ... well paid union employee on a 34 flexy hour week, with about 47 days holidays a year which includes an extra day off on every bank holiday and a year's sick pay calls for the election of union officials and the GS on an workers wage.

    Solidarity and hypocrisy in action.

  16. "Union employees are not workers but overpaid bureaucrats with lots of holidays and endless days off sick." (elect all union employees) -

    what a sad and shortsighted comment that is. Most people who read this site will no doubt agree that whilst we all have the right to different opinions etc, to make such a remark about our officers and staff who in the main, whether previously elected or not, work bloody hard for our membership, is out of line.

  17. As a full time office i remain true the election off all officals The idea that offcier officers dont work is nonsense (there are alway some who will take the piss ) i work most week in excess of 60 hours and my phone stay on 24- 7 I regards to the job as a hounour to represnt my class and yes the pay is very good by not that much more than i earned in aerospace in fact if i worked this amount off over time i would be on about the same money