Cost of War - £7 million per day (just Libya)

The cost to the UK of the war on Libya is estimated at £3 million a day according to the Daily Mirror.  The slightly more authoritative Daily Telegraph estimate £7 million a day, for the first 4 days.  That's about 1 UK hospital, fully equipped, each month.
"The cost of the four–day operation to date is £28.5million, The Daily Telegraph has learnt. The cost of putting four Tornado GR4 bombers, three Eurofighter Typhoons plus support aircraft into action is an estimated £3,216,000 a day. The Tornado costs £33,000 an hour to operate, including fuel, capital costs and crew training and the Typhoon costs £80,000 an hour."

Storm Shadow: Before, £1.1million
Storm Shadow: After, £2.50
One storm shadow cruise missile (left and right), used to destroy individual buildings, costs £1.1 million.  How many buildings in Libya cost £1.1 million you might wonder. 

To keep 10,000 troops in Afghanistan the Government is paying almost £5 billion a year, according to the Telegraph. That's about £13 million a day.  So Libya is half price.  BOGOF as they say.

New! Unite official statement on Libya.  Good for them.

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