Unite election is on!

Visit www.grassorootsleft.org to see the best candidates the union has allowed to stand.

LONDON AND EASTERN (BAEM)  Mohammed Golam Bhuiyan

SOUTHWEST  Doreen (Kelly) Roberts
WEST MIDLANDS  Martin Hartnett


  1. Good Luck and Hope everyone will secure their places.

  2. Which of the "Servicing & General Industries" candidates does the Grassroots left support or recommend?

  3. Avoid turner and grime in the general industries. I voted for Clarke, greenwood and elliot. What a sham of democracy this whole episode is - virtually no coverage on the union website, crammed in tightly after the xmas and new years hols, 11 candidates already 'elected' because no one stood against them.

  4. I think its been pretty democratic and pretty fair in my opinion. Wouldnt it be a good idea to stop moaning and get on with building the union?

  5. union was built a long time ago. its decaying. the members need to take back control of the union from the bureaucrats to whom elections and branches are just a nuisance. have you not read anything on this website?

  6. Anonymoron. Unite was formed a few years ago . It is a new union. Where is this union formed a long time ago? Unless you are living still in the EETPU?
    I read loads on this website. Some of it good, some of it shiite!!Lets get to grip with the real issue which is fighting the employer, fighting the Tories and fighting all the cuts. Or do you want to continue moaning about how shit you think the union is?

  7. Love the above photo of the vanguard of the workers movement, we are truly safe in your hands.

    I can imagine Dezzie H saying to Jezza H, " Oi i was banking on you to become GS so i could get another unelected, cushy, well paid, officer desk job with not a pesky member in sight."

  8. Morning Dave.
    I am worried that there isnt any serious organising to get people to the grassroots left event on 7th May. I checked facebook and so far there is only 4 attending, 11 awaiting reply, 1 maybe attending and 1 not attending. There is lettle or nothing in the left wing press. Can more be done?

  9. Bob should it be renamed Roots but no Grass Left?

    It looks like one of the gang in the photo above has decided not to attend. Has there been a split already on ideological lines?

  10. As far as I can see not one Grass Roots Left candidate was actually elected. Lets hope its the last we see of Jerry Hicks until he will no doubt pop up in 5 years as a general secretary wanabee again.

    Jerry get a life, even better get a job, and then you can really represent working people as one of them

  11. No GRLc's were elected. But at least they stand for what they believe in, rather than jumping onto the UL slate, of which as far as I can see 16 were not elected either...as for a GS election, don't assume that TW/LMcC will give up power either, they will try to go on and on and on and on and on...

  12. Reply to 21. 2011 9.24pm -------

    At least TW/LMcC were elected!

    As some one else said Jerry get a life and get a job, then you will know what it is like to be a working person and possibly get the opportunity to get nominated or even elected to represent working people.

  13. From the Facebook site;

    "I am a GMB Sex worker branch member and would like to attend your conference."

    Did all the unions get an invite to the Grassroots Left Conference today?