Libya. Been Here Before.

If you remember the lead up to the invasion of Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan, you'll know exactly what NATO (or maybe just us and the USA) have in mind for Libya.  You can sense it in the news reports.  Here, by contrast, is an excellent article in today's Guardian on Libya.
"The same western leaders who happily armed and did business with the Gaddafi regime until a fortnight ago have now slapped sanctions on the discarded autocrat and blithely referred him to the international criminal court the United States won't recognise.
While American and British politicians have ramped up talk of a no-fly zone, US warships have been sent to the Mediterranean, a stockpile of chemical weapons has been duly discovered, special forces have been in action, Italy has ditched a non-aggression treaty with Tripoli and a full-scale western military intervention in yet another Arab country is suddenly a serious prospect".
'Evacuation ship' USS Kearsarge on its way
Incidentally you may have noticed that the official Libyan news agency site, listed along with many other unusual sources in our excellent Indy News section, has mysteriously died.  Read about that here.

Also from the Indy News page, what's the best type of ship to evacuate people?  A ferry or liner? No of course not.  Canadian warship sails towards Libya

Libya: Media manipulation
Incisive article on war preparations - US Intensifies Military Operations In Libya


  1. Well, it is clear that Our Correspondent has miraculous insight - he obviously got the Libyan analysis exactly right, didn't he??!!

  2. Well Anonymous, as I write NATO have launched over 100 cruise missles and dropped well over 100 bombs against Libya. You're looking, to be frank, a little stupid. Honestly I don't know why political infants like you bother to read this site, let alone add comments. You're clearly not learning anything from it.

  3. I read sites like this to see what twits like you are saying and doing. It can get quite depressing . . .
    If you had been paying attention, you'd have seen the amount of resistance by some US figures (e.g. Gates) to any action at all, and the pleas of the Libyan rebels for some - any - concrete help.
    Do we assume you think it would be better for Gadaffi to be left to 'correct' the rebels unchecked, as Saddam Hussain 'corrected' his own dissidents?

  4. From the anti-Gadaffi movement in West Libya -

    The Libyan rebels have been speaking: A spokesman in Benghazi has said they welcome more air strikes by foreign forces, but do not want foreign ground troops to intervene in the war. “They say their aim is still to capture the Libyan capital, Tripoli, but that they want to achieve that without foreign offensive action”, the rebel spokesman has told a news conference in Benghazi.

    Other quotes from Libyans in Libya –

    "I just want to assure anyone who questions how the west of the country feels about the air strikes, that people in the west are just as desperate to see Gaddafi go, they understand that it will come at a cost, and they are paying it. You don't see them protesting against Gaddafi because they are being surrounded by his brutal forces that shoot people in the streets, kidnap them from their houses, and set snipers on top of their buildings. Please believe me as a Libyan, whose family is still in the midst of all this, now that we have a resolution, don't let the Libyan people down because of propaganda that Gaddafi always used. The few hundreds who are shown as pro-Gaddafi are either forced to do this through taking hostages of their loved ones, or thugs who always helped Gaddafi oppress Libyans, and they are now sticking with him."

    "All my friends and family I have contacted in Libya feel more protected since the air strikes. They feel they are being cared for by the international community. Gaddafi was just taking revenge and punishing everyone, but people on the streets are happy the allied forces are weakening the regime. Tripoli is run by fear - there are a lot of arrests and killings by Gaddafi forces. There were demonstrations there last week. The air strike on Gaddafi headquarters is huge. It is a huge military fortress. It is good it has been hit."

  5. yeah thats only been posted 9 times. remember the kuwait baby incubatorhoax that preceded the war on iraq