Blair - Paid Up War Criminal

Here is the full protest, no longer shown on maintream TV due to the JP Morgan allegations. JP Morgan Chase is the largest bank in the US. Tony Blair is currently a part time employee of JP Morgan Chase on a salary of $1 million.

Syria or Iraq? BBC fake photo

Hollande or Sarkozy

Holland Sarkozy
Tweedledee or Tweedledum?
Holland Sarkozy
From the right or left?

Europe! or Yurope!
Surveillance cameras or camera surveillance?
OGM? or GMO?
The war for war? or War for Peace?

Chorus x2

Global Governance? or New World Order?
Build walls? or Destroy nature?
Carbon tax? or tax on air?
Honour the debt? or Honouring or the beast?

Chorus x2

DSK Too bad he's gone ... he was really different ...
Oh yes! He was really different!