McCluskey set to win

Unite - been ill a long time
Sadly regret to be the first to predict a McCluskey win in the election for General Secretary of Unite at 5pm on Saturday 20th Nov 2010.  This is based on a 15.7% turnout.  Full result expected tomorrow (Sunday).  

The turnout is high by the union's appalling standards, in the last General Secretary election in 2009  it was a record at 15% and this was credited to Jerry Hick's grass roots campaign.  At the last Executive elections in 2008 it was 9.7% on the TGWU side  and 8.9% on Amicus's.

With Deepest Sympathy to all our members.

No flowers please.


  1. I think this a terribly cynical view.
    A well fought campaign involving thousands of members has seen clear victory for a left wing candidate

  2. Far from being the death of our Union it is a rebirth, a chance to grow and put the crap from the past into the past. A shame all you ca do is snipe when this is a victory for the ordinary member and for the reps who work for them day in and day out - I wonder when the cynical who wrote this daft "obituary" last represented a member or even talked to one.

  3. What crap I represent ordinary members and was elected secretary of my branch and before that chair. I have been active in the union for 30 years. When were you or any paid lackey of the union/McCluskey's Supporters Club ever elected to a post?
    David editor