Gail/Len/Bill/Martin Love Square Scandal

As we predicted the person who came last in the Unite General Secretary election is now getting on fabulously with the winner.  Gail Cartmail's first words on losing were pointedly:
I would like to congratulate Len on his success in the ballot and I look forward to working with him
The love fest was reciprocated by Martin Mayer, commandant of the Len McCluskey Club that calls itself 'United Left' (UL).  Four days after the official result he sent an email to all the 193 members of UL entitled "Gail Cartmel[sic]'s  piece on NHS" (He hasn't quite got a handle on how to spell her name yet) and said
"Well done Gail Cartmel for this article on NHS privatisation.
Martin Mayer"
Attached to it was a document purported to be written by Cartmail, the unelected Unite Assistant General Secretary. Oddly though there is no trace of the document on Cartmail's Blog (as at 30 Nov).  In fact there is an entirely different article on the same subject.
Even odder is that although the article is subtitled 'By Gail Cartmail',  if you look at the properties of the document, as all 193 UL members can (click 'file' then 'properties') it says Author : Bill Ronskley.

Who is Bill Ronksley? And what a great name for Google.  It turns out that Ronksley is secretary of Martin Mayer's Trade Council .  What a small, small world....

'No, no I didn't mean it boss, vote Len'
What next?  We reckon Simon Dubbins, Unite's International Director, who, after setting up his campaign website then stood down in favour of McCluskey, deserves some Club Len Love too.

New! rumours abound that Bayliss is on his way out of his £133K a year union job.


  1. can anyone explain this weeks spat on the UL list about Incumbent Executive Members and 'Running Mates'? seems to be a falling out in the regime about over election of appointees

  2. Its going to be mighty hard to honour all the promises of jobs to people by lenny.

    slimon dubbins has never been elected to any position in unite or his former unions. like the Royle family it was the succession to his daddy, Tony Dubbins. However its said he can speak in many tongues.

    No wonder he wears braces, as in his pics, to hold on to dads coat-tails. Of course he doesn't believe in election of all officers and is very new labour.

    No doubt his band of globe trotters and seriel travellers will also be looked after - for following his decree to jump ship and push for lennie despite having some very strange bedfellows.

  3. There have also been a few promotions recently - esp . in the Organising department. Interestingly this department was used to "push" McCluskey's campaign - allegedly .

  4. dubbins has allegedly never worked on the shopfloor. unlike his old man who was elected thro out his career by members, according to records.

    unless you count dubbins jnr "parachuting" into a range of euro/international roles?

  5. Anonymous, can you tell us what have been the promotions in the organising department and give us any evidence of how this had anything to do with Len McCluskey's election campaign?

    If any individuals in the organising department did support Len McCLuskey, which as Unite members they are entitled to do, that might have something to do with him being the only candidate that had an organising agenda and not a servicing model.

    Smears and innuendo can make you look stupid -allegedly.