Open Warfare in Disunite

Started like Starsky and Hutch
Ends like Reservoir Dogs
In an extrordinary letter in today's Guardian Joint General Secretary Woodley has openly attacked the candidate of the other General Secretary, Derek Simpson.  Read the letter here.

Woodley accuses movie star Bayliss of 'presenting a grossly distorted view of his own union' and attacks him as 'never having led industrial negotiations as a union official'. He finishes off with 'Bayliss's industrial judgment is seriously open to question'.

This sort of spat is exactly what you get when a union is run in the interests of the senior management and not the members. If either McCluskey, Cartmail or Bayliss win, expect more of the same.


  1. Well said wooders.

    But he should be slung out of union for bringing it into disrepute.
    Over to you NEC

  2. The main problem with Lennie is that the self interest of some on the right, who have a gripe with the bayliss/davison mob, and their fellow travellers have latched onto Lennie like lympits.

    People like right wing/new labour acolytes like kev coyne and the self appointed slimon Dubbins who has never been elected by members even to run a raffle.
    Are have these shameless chameleons re-invented themselves again?

    Because they ultimately have a price!
    Moral:Beware of greeks and shysters bearing gifts or fools gold.

  3. Don't worry about them, after they deliver votes for us they, i.e. the coynes and their followers, will be "moved" on. More fool them...

  4. 'Us' meaning the people who win the elections. If you just replace 'the coynes and their followers' with 'all the voters' then you will have neatly summed up the history of Unite, Amicus, TGWU, AEEU, and MSF. Hopefully Jerry will win and break this pointless cycle which wastes all our time and hands over large sums of members money to the 'leaders'.

  5. Is there any news on the payoffs?
    surely they'll have sorted out their exit packages?

    I'm alrite Jack son !!!

  6. rumour is cartmail will be in favour with mccluskey for services rendered in taking amicus votes off bayliss

  7. lets hope at a time when our members are facing closures, redundancies and pay freezes the abuse of our members subs is stopped.

    Like the endless pit of money doled out for fact finding foreign trips and jollies for the serial globe trotters like davison and co.

    At least it buys off some....

    instead invest your own money in a book or research

    Move over judith chalmers!


  8. Rumour is Hicks will be in favour with Bayliss for services rendered in taking far left votes off McCluskey

  9. mccluckey is about as far left as red ed, name me one far left policy he has, average wage, election of officials oh no that is jerry hicks