Baylissgate the Movie

The short video below succinctly explains 'Baylissgate', an extraordinary tale of a senior union offical allocating £1/4 million of members subs to a charity and his mate demanding 10% of that from the charity as a "finders fee".  Readers may recall the Baylissgate story was broken exclusively by
Film courtesy of Channel 4 'Dispatches' You can also view the movie  here (large file)
Incredibly the affair reveals that  General Secretary candidate Les Bayliss was arrested by the Fraud Squad (paragraph 8) and investigated by the police for 2 years (although never charged)  and that the union, under Bayliss's direction, was handing out £1/4million pounds every year to just 3 charities.

As a result of the gaff being blown, General Secretary Simpson reported that Bayliss would no longer become a trustee of the union's charity.

Our union has a turnover of £134 million.  You can vote for Les Bayliss to run our union if you want from 25th October to 19th November. Read the full story with all documentation on

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