Pots, Kettles and Projectors

Things are hotting up in the General Secretary election kitchens.  McCluskey's union machine in particular is simmering.  Here are some extracts from their exhortation to each and every one of their 192 United Left list members:
"Time to get the vote out!.. For this to work we have to get ORGANISED!  It's no good having election materials languishing in union offices.."
And what would election materials for a particular candidate be doing languishing in union offices we wonder. According to the rules they are meant to be made and distributed by genuine activists, not by paid-for ones and the union.

Their imperial commander Martin Mayer is positively boiling in his views about rival candidate Les Bayliss :
"His little clique around Derek Simpson and Steve Davison have already demonstrated how they operate, in the worst of AMICUS tradition. It's a centralised and ruthless style of leadership which bestows grace and favours on close supporters and shuts out everyone else - and even worse for those they regard as their enemies. "
Anyone with a background in Amicus or TGWU would recognise that description, it probably applies to the majority of unions today.  Most would agree that the TGWU would win in a contest though.  According to Sigmund Freud, "projection" is a defense mechanism whereby one "projects" one's own undesirable thoughts, motivations, desires, and feelings onto someone else. For example, someone who harbors greed while believing that avarice is socially undesirable might believe that a friend is greedy, projecting his or her avarice onto the other person. Of course they could both really be greedy corrupt control freaks.

Mayer's extraordinary tirade continues, claiming
"abuse of union funds for a sickeningly high style of living in bars, restaurants and hotels. On the UNITE Executive Council we have seen it and witnessed it.
We can't publish the full text as it is clearly libellous and disappointingly no evidence
is provided whatsoever.  Dearunite.com is well used to solicitors' letters and libel writs, which is why we always back up our claims with facts.  So, just so you can get a feel for who is spending time in bars, restaurants and hotels, we publish the facts on expense claims by the 2 General Secretaries and the 3 Assistant General Secretaries competing for the job of General Secretary.  Anyone stupid enough to believe that McCluskey is not up there with the worst of them, look away now.
Bayliss, McCluskey, Cartmail or is it Cartmail, Bayliss, McCluskey

Source: Unite the Union
If you found the above figures interesting just take a look at their salaries.

Of course there is one candidate in this election who does not carry this heavy baggage.  We can exclusively reveal Jerry Hicks' expense claims on members subs for the year 2008, 2009, 2010, all added together. Jerry came second in the 2009 General Secretary election.



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