Same as The Greedy Bankers

Dearunite's cinema critic introduces the short film "Same as The Greedy Bankers":
The Idealist philosopher Hegel thought that material reality stemmed from ideas, and that without them reality is just a jumble of uninterpreted sensory inputs.

Karl Marx took this philosophy and flipped it.  He believed that people's ideas, their beliefs, the way they viewed the World and other people, were determined by the material conditions of their existence.

Imagine then that the material conditions of your existence are a house for life, plus a spare, plus expenses and a salary package of £200K.  Nearly 8 times the average wage. What sort of  beliefs, what sort of World view are you going to have?  The answer is of course "Same as The Greedy Bankers"....
 Film courtesy of Channel 4 'Dispatches'
The sequel to "Same as The Greedy Bankers" is the excellent "Baylissgate the Movie", available free here.

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