'Caught in the Rigging'

"Not another bloody leaflet left behind"
Exclusive! dearunite.com have seen an incredible two emails from Unite's  Executive Committee member Brian Rice.  You may recall last week we quoted McCluskey's  chief commandant Martin Meyer's exhortation to his troops:

"Time to get the vote out!.. For this to work we have to get ORGANISED!  It's no good having election materials languishing in union offices.."

Well it seems the paid troops in this election campaign may have been a bit lax..
Brian Rice/Shorts/Bombardier
15/10/2010 11:35

Ref Election for General Secretary

Hi Jimmy

I wish to make a formal complaint with yourself reference election material in support of Len McClusky being stored and distributed out of our offices on the Antrim Road.

Myself and Jimmy Neil where at an meeting on the Antrim Road with Jackie Pollock  whilst we where waiting on Jackie we went into the training room where we subsequently found a box of leaflets in support of Len McClusky with the address of one of our officials on the side.

I asked Jimmy Neill to get Jackie and Eugene to come to the training room, being the two most senior people in the building, I asked them to explain why election material was in the building and was there material in support of the other candidates, I have to say I was not happy with their response so I removed the box from the building, if you want to see it I can produce it for you.

I also told them that election material had been handed out at courses in the Antrim Road in support of Len McCluskey and was visibly on show for all to see.

I would request that you carry out an urgent investigation into what has happened as I am sure you would be aware it is a serious breach of the rules governing the election for General Secretary. I refer to the guidelines for the conduct of the ballot 2010   2.6 section (a) The corporate identity and logo of the union and the unions resources should not be used to support any particular candidate.


From: Brian Rice
Sent: 18 October 2010 11:45
To: jimmy.kelly@unitetheunion.com
Subject: Ref General Secretaries Election

Hi Jimmy
Further to my complaint to yourself on Friday 15th October 2010.
I would request that you keep a copy of the C.C.T.V. footage for  Friday the 15th October 2010 and also the 12th October 2010.

I have raised a formal complaint about the misuse of union resources reference the General Secretaries election and the C.C.T.V. footage from the offices on the Antrim Road will form part of that.

This footage can be easily obtained and I'm sure you will secure its safe keeping for future reference.

Could you please forward it to the two General Secretaries for safe keeping.


Brian Rice
Senior Representative
Unite the Union
Bombardier Aerospace- Belfast

This is very reminiscent of the "Men in Suits" affair in the dying days of Sir Ken Jackson's regime, when paid union staff went round branches nominating Sir Ken, dressed in their union suits.  Sir Ken went on to lose the election to Derek Simpson.

Ironically McCluskey's campaign slogan is "It's time to deliver". His paid helpers seem to have forgotten it this time.


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