The French Connection

What is the connection?

1) Saudi prince arrested in drugs bust after TWO TONNES of Captagon drugs found on jet

Robert Fisk writes: "It’s not every day you get to bust a Saudi prince. Twenty-five boxes and six suitcases, all – according to photos and video – stamped with the Saudi Arabia emblem of palm tree and crossed swords, to be shipped out on a private Saudi jet. And on the boxes can be seen the name of an emir of the state for which David Cameron himself lowers the British flag when the monarch dies."


2) "Investigators, according to French media, [went] to rooms 311 and 312 in a hotel in Alforttville, a suburb about four miles southeast of central Paris. There, police found the needles the attackers had used to inject themselves with the amphetamine Captagon. The drug, police believe, helped the killers remain calm enough to complete their bloody rampages." Miami Herald


Syrian crisis: the booming business of Captagon 

"During wars, psychoactive substances have always been the secret weapon of military troops."

Read more here:

The Death by Drone Zones

"Nearly nine out of 10 people who died in airstrikes were not the Americans' direct targets"

A new US whistleblower has unveiled the procedure by which you get to die by drone.

POTUS is the President Of The United States
"This outrageous explosion of watchlisting — of monitoring people and racking and stacking them on lists, assigning them numbers, assigning them ‘baseball cards,’ assigning them death sentences without notice, on a worldwide battlefield — it was, from the very first instance, wrong,” the whistleblower told The Intercept."

"It’s stunning the number of instances when selectors are misattributed to certain people. And it isn’t until several months or years later that you all of a sudden realize that the entire time you thought you were going after this really hot target, you wind up realizing it was his mother’s phone the whole time," the Intercept cited its source as saying, suggesting that drone killings "depend on unreliable intelligence."
The North Africa Death by Drone (or 'persistent stare')  Zone

McCluskey Fixes Trident

McCluskey, dealing with the devil
Unite's general secretary 'Lenny' McCluskey was instrumental in ensuring that proposals to scrap the Tories £100 billion pound Trident replacement scheme will not be debated at Labour conference.

Each sub carries 16 missiles with 14 warheads in each missile - click the map
To put this huge amount of money into perspective, it could pay for:
► Fully funding all A&E services in hospitals for 40 years
► Employing 150,000 new nurses
► Building 1.5 million new homes 
► Tuition fees for 4 million students
► Insulating 15 million homes
Far more skilled jobs could be created in socially useful sectors

Despite his pally photo shoots with Corbyn after the leadership election, never forget that McCluskey tried to prevent Corbyn becoming leader.

VW's Criminal Act

Volkswagen’s rigging of emissions tests for 11m cars means they may be responsible, worldwide,  for an extra 1,000,000 tonnes of air pollution every year, the same as the UK’s entire annual emissions for all power stations, vehicles, industry and agriculture combined, a Guardian analysis suggests.

Drax Power Station
The company admitted the device may have been fitted to 11m of its vehicles worldwide. If that proves correct, VW’s defective vehicles could be responsible for between 237,161 and 948,691 tonnes of NOx emissions each year, 10 to 40 times the pollution standard for new models in the US. Western Europe’s biggest power station, Drax in the UK, emits 39,000 tonnes of NOx each year.

Historic First: Leader of Labour Party Supports a Strike!

For the first time in living memory the leader of the Labour party has spoken out in support of workers on strike.

(Video is set to start at 12 minutes 44 seconds.  Just rewind if you want to watch the full speech)

Today at the Trade Union Congress (TUC)  Jeremy Corbyn supported strikers at the National Gallery:

"Welcome to those strikers from PCS from the National Gallery for what they’ve going through at the present time.  They look after our national treasures. They do it well, they love what they do and they love what we’ve got in our National Gallery. 

Please let’s not privatise our galleries and privatise our staff. Recognise them as being a precious national asset, not something to be traded away on the market of privatisation. Well done to you for your campaign."

This blows away an unpublicised but religiously applied doctrine that a sitting leader of the Labour party will never support a strike. It was most famously demonstrated when Neil Kinnock refused to back the nurses in their 1998 strike, a strike which was widely supported by the public.

Serwotka PCS union
As Mark Serwotka, general secretary of the PCS union said today

 "Labour leaders  would look at their showlaces when you asked them to support a strike"

Congratulations but what a shame that the party founded by the TUC in 1900 has taken this long to get to this point.  

Wikileaks Founder Interview

Well worth watching in Full.  Especially though his comments on Corbyn:

'I would be quite concerned for his long term safety.. if he maintained his line on NATO and scraping Trident... '

Skip to his comments on Corbyn here:

“Reveals a profound hatred
of democracy on the part of
our political leadership.”
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Operation Ice Pick

From 'Global Research' by Kerry-anne Mendoza

"In a purge being referred to internally as ‘Operation: Ice Pick’, Labour HQ is purging the party of suspected ‘entryists’. The name is a particularly sick joke, referencing the weapon of choice in the 1940 assassination of Leon Trotsky by Stalinists. Supporters of Corbyn have been consistently derided as ‘Trots’ throughout the campaign.

Comedians Mark Steel and Jeremy Hardy, along with renowned author Marcus Chown and ‘Spirit of ’45’ director Ken Loach – all have been banned from voting in the Labour purge. Why? Marcus Chown joined the executive of the National Health Action Party in the 2015 election because his priority was saving the NHS, and he felt that was the best way to highlight the issue. Jeremy Hardy and Mark Steel have supported fundraisers for the Green Party in the past. Ken Loach was once a member of the now-defunct Socialist Alliance. As Mark Steel so aptly puts it: ‘Labour – you can’t join as a new member unless you’re already a member.’"

Full Article:

Now Jeremy Hardy is Banned

Radio 4 Comedian Jeremy Hardy
Following on from the ban on Mark Steel Voting in the Labour Party leadership election, now they have banned Jeremy Hardy.

It is rigging the election to stop Corbyn,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on Friday. “They are wishing to change the rules of the game during an election.

Hardy said he would formally apply to see the information used to justify his removal, but warned that the party could seek to exploit complaints to halt the election process.

The Labour party might be trying to invite a legal challenge so that they can say ‘let’s just scrap the election’. They are so desperate that I wouldn’t be surprised.

When it comes to a General Election are they going to ban celebrity supporters too? Are Radio 4 comedians too left wing for the Party?

Amidst reports that one supporter was banned within 5 hours of voting for Jeremy Corbyn, £3 supporters are considering delaying sending in their vote until the last minute, if it is for Corbyn.

Previous story Labour Party Bureaucracy Ban Mark Steel

Guardian Article by George Monbiot

George Monbiot
"On one point I agree with his opponents: Jeremy Corbyn has little chance of winning the 2020 general election. But the same applies to the other three candidates.

Either Labour must win back the seats it once held in Scotland (surely impossible without veering to the left) or it must beat the Conservatives by 12 points in England and Wales to form an overall majority.

The impending boundary changes could mean that it has to win back 106 seats. If you think that is likely, I respectfully suggest that you are living in a dreamworld.

In fact, in this contest of improbabilities, Corbyn might stand the better chance. Only a disruptive political movement, that can ignite, mesmerise and mobilise, that can raise an army of volunteers – as the SNP did in Scotland – could smash the political concrete.

To imagine that Labour could overcome such odds by becoming bland, blurred and craven is to succumb to thinking that is simultaneously magical and despairing. Such dreamers argue that Labour has to recapture the middle ground. But there is no such place; no fixed political geography. The middle ground is a magic mountain that retreats as you approach. The more you chase it from the left, the further to the right it moves.

Read the full article (in the Cooper supporting Guardian)

Mandelson Attempted Coup!

'We know best..'
The Daily Telegraph and Yvette Cooper's supporters are reporting that Peter Mandelson tried to arrange for Cooper, Burnham and Kendall all to pull out, in order to invalidate the process and stop the democratic election of Corbyn. Fortunately this text book cynicism was drowned at birth in the ambitions and arrogance the candidates, not to mention a legal opinion.

'get us in power, stuff the policies'
Meanwhile Brown paced up and down for an hour yesterday, not unlike an incarcerated bear, also attempting to influence Labour Party members' votes today.

What do Brown and Mandelson have in common?  They were never elected to any position in the Labour Party.  Brown became leader without a Labour party election He became Prime Minister without ever winning a General Election.  Mandelson was appointed to positions by Blair and Kinnock, as was Brown.

1985 Appointed Labour Party director of communications by Neil Kinnock.
1994 Secretly appointed by Blair to run Bliar's leadership campaign under the nom-de-guerre 'Bobby'.
1996 Appointed election campaign director by Blair.
1997 Appointed as a Minister without Portfolio in the Cabinet Office by Blair.
1998 Appointed Secretary of State for Trade and Industry by Blair.
1998 Resigned after found haven received a secret interest-free loan of £373,000 from millionaire Geoffrey Robinson.
1999 Appointed Secretary of State for Northern Ireland by Bliar.
2001 Resigned after using his position to influence a passport application for millionaire Indian businessman Srichand Hinduja
2001 Appointed United Kingdom's European Commissioner by Blair.
2008 Appointed Business Secretary by Brown.  
2009 Appointed to the new made-up post of 'Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills' by Brown.
2010 Appointed appointed President of the international think tank 'Policy Network' by its Chair , one Tony Bliar.
2012 Appointed paid advisor to the illegal logging company 'Asia Pulp & Paper' by billionaire Eka Widjaja.
2103 Appointed to the post of 'High Steward of Hull', a post specially re-created for him by the Queen.

Gordon Brown
1985 Appointed spokesman on Trade and Industry by Kinnock.
1987 Appointed Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury by Kinnock.
1989 Appointed Shadow Secretary of State for Trade and Industry by Kinnock.
1992 Appointed Shadow Chancellor in 1992 by Blair.
1997 Appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer by Blair.
2007 Appointed Leader of the Labour Party by default (the only other candidate John McDonnell being denied 16 of the the required 45 nominations from MPs). 
2007 Appointed without election Prime Minister. Waited until 2010 to call a General Election (which he lost, badly).

Jez we can
Jeremy Corbyn promises to restore the election rather than appointment of Shadow Cabinet ministers in the Labour Party - the return of a bit of democracy back into the Party, rather than the secret patronage of the corrupt Blair era...

One big plus of internal democracy is that people whom the public would never, ever vote for, like Mandelson, Brown, Kinnock and E Milliband, would no longer get far within the party either.  

Maxwellisation of the Chilcot Inquiry

 'the bouncing Czech'
The report into the Iraq War is currently being held up by a process called “Maxwellisation”. The procedure is named after the pension thief and former Daily Mirror owner, Robert Maxwell.

Maxwell  was criticised in a government report in 1969 and promptly took the Department of Trade and Industry to court. Maxwell lost, once in the High Court and again at the Appeal Court.  

Nonetheless, because of some comments made by the judge in Maxwell's initial application for an injunction (which he also lost!), it seems inquiries can no longer criticise anyone (even war criminal suspects Blair and Jack Straw) without waiting 2 years for their response ('God made me').

Anyway, back to the present.

You might think all Labour MPs wanted an inquiry to take place.  Or at least that all the front runners in the current leadership election did. How wrong you are:

Maybe that's because they also Consistently voted for the Iraq war in the first place.  

Labour Party Bureaucracy Ban Mark Steel

The signs are there has been a wholesale purge of Left Labour party supporters in a desperate attempt at ABC - Anyone But Corbyn.   Listen to Mark Steel on Radio 4 talking about how the Labour Party banned him from voting in the leadership election.

New! sign the petition to re-enfranchise Mark

Big Farmer

In 2013/14 the average dairy farm received £113,100 in subsidies (see below).

Want to donate 10p on your milk to farmers? Read 'Farming subsidies: this is the most blatant transfer of cash to the rich' by George Monbiot first.

Or Revealed: how we pay our richest landowners millions in subsidies. (New Statesman)

"With the exception of Spain, there is no European country in which land is more unequally distributed than Britain, with 70 per cent of acreage held by just 0.28 per cent of the population, or 158,000 families."

The victory for the anti-EU UK Independence Party (UKIP) in a UK by-election last week has made it more likely that the UK is on course for a referendum which could force whichever political party in power after the May 2015 general election to take the country out of the European Union. 
Former UK agriculture secretary Owen Paterson also yesterday (November 24) urged Prime Minister David Cameron to give a commitment to invoking article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty giving formal notice of Britain’s intention to quit the EU before any negotiations on its continued membership begin.
Paterson wants the UK to withdraw politically from the EU and forge a trade deal giving access to the single market, like Norway has.
But what effect would such a move (or ‘Brexit’) have on the UK’s farming industry? The objective view would be that farmers will inevitably be worse off, although consumers will benefit.
The shape of UK agriculture policy in the aftermath of an EU exit is of course unclear, but it does seem likely that direct subsidisation, which currently forms a large part of average farm income, would be scaled back significantly and may even largely disappear.
British agriculture would also be subject to fiercer competition from imports than at present, and as a result it is likely that consumers (or the food industry) will gain from lower food prices.

EU subsidy effect

Under the 2007-2013 version of the CAP, EU subsidies to UK farmers totalled around €3.2 billion a year.
For individual farmers, these subsidies, amounting to around €200 per hectare, generally represent around 35-50% of total gross income. For a majority of farms, these subsidies represent the difference between profit and loss. Only super-efficient farmers ranking in the top 10% could survive without them.
The basic problem for the industry is that its costs are predicated on the assumption of this high level of subsidisation. This is most obviously true of land prices and rents – overblown by the promise of the EU subsidies attached to them.
The dire straits into which the UK farm industry would be plunged by removal of the direct aid payments which now form the backbone of the CAP can be judged by most recent farm income figures.
According to DEFRA’s latest Farm Business Accounts report, over a fifth of mixed and grazing livestock did not make a profit in 2013/14, while more than 20% of dairy farms had a net income of less than £25 000 (€31 738). Approximately 20% of cereal growing farms failed to make a profit in 2013/14 - compared with 9% in the previous year. In both cases, the SFP formed a major part of the farms’ gross income.

Cash income (average £ per farm at current prices)

Cereals104 60087 200
General cropping111 600102 200
Dairy88 400113 100
Grazing livestock (Lowland)27 80025 700
Grazing livestock (LFA)28 80027 100
Specialist pigs72 40088 100
Specialist poultry127 600198 100
Mixed62 40058 500
Horticulture44 10048 200
All types69 00067 200
Detailed farm income figures from DEFRA indicate the vulnerability of the majority of farms in a post EU farm policy, set by a national government.

Panic in the Labour Party Establishment

On the same day that Murdoch's Times publish a poll showing Corbyn will win outright, the Labour Party has sent out emails to all ex-Labour Party members:

Presumably the thinking is that if you left the Labour Party and favour Corbyn, you won't bother doing anything as he's marked down to win.  On the other hand if you were on the Right you might rejoin to stop him.

The arrogance of the Bliaritres is that they don't realise most people probably left the Labour Party because it had become Tory Lite, not because they wanted it to be Tory Lite.

You can still register to get a vote for £3 here by 12 noon tomorrow (Wednesday the 12th)

The Labour followed up their email with an apology:

We sent you an email earlier in error saying you needed to reactivate your membership in order to vote. As you are currently a supporter I can confirm that you do not need to do anything and you will receive a vote in the leadership election.

Of course if you would like to re-join the Labour Party as a full member you would be very welcome to, and it would be great to have you back! You can do this at

Thanks, and sorry for the confusion.

Ben Nolan

Membership team
The Labour Party

Corbyn Tops Labour Constituency Vote

Jeremy Corbyn is the most popular candidate for Labour leader among local Labour constituency parties, according to the latest party nomination figures.

He is backed by 152 constituency parties, with Andy Burnham in second place with 111, then Yvette Cooper with 106 and the one openly Bliarite, Liz Kendall, with an embarrassing 18.

You only need to look at how the constituencies voted compared to MP's nominations to see how out-of-touch our overpaid, opportunist and careerist MPs are ►

There's no point putting up a pie chart of which unions nominated whom. All the large unions nominated Jeremy Corbyn. The sad NUM, the despised USDAW and the corrupt UCATT differed. Not one union endorsed Kendall.

Kendall: Not even the Grave Diggers Union
New! The arrogance of Bliarite John McTernan: "If Corbyn wins the Labour leadership, he should be deposed immediately" and "who cares about the grassroots?"

New! See how constituencies voted

Previous story Corbyn Ahead No Thanks to McCluskey

Corbyn Ahead on 43% of votes! No Thanks to McCluskey

Vote for Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn looks set to become the next Labour leader, according to a new poll today.

Some 43 per cent of party supporters have said they would choose the left-wing MP as their first preference in the Labour leadership ballot, research for YouGov for The Times has found.

The study also predicted that Kendall and Cooper would be eliminated, and the redistribution of votes under the Alternative Vote system would see Mr Corbyn beat Mr Burnham by 53 per cent to 47 per cent in the final round, respectively.

Lenny blows out Left
This comes amid reports in the Guardian that Unite General Secretary Len McCluskey had advised the union's Executive not to back Corbyn.

John McTernan, a former special adviser to Tony Blair in Downing Street, described the poll figures as “disastrous”, and labelled as "morons" MPs who had nominated Corbyn for the sole purpose of broadening debate within the party.

You can register as a Labour Party Supporter here and for £3 get a vote in the leadership election.

Previous story: Unite Back Corbyn ('..he might just win').

Jeremy Corbyn in Lead

The only left candidate takes the lead, based on policy and personality.
Don't miss out on spending £3 to be a small part of history - reclaiming the Labour party for the Left.  You can register as a Labour Party Supporter here and get a vote in the leadership election.

Previous stories:  Vote for Jeremy Corbyn and Unite Backs Corbyn

Complaints, complaints

Weir, Adrian - Unite Asst Chief of Staff
David Beaumont, a founder member of Grass Roots Left in Unite, has now responded to the original complaints made against him by three members of the BASSA branch committee.  The complaints were used to begin an investigation carried out by Adrian Weir, Unite Assistant Chief of Staff. The complainants are calling for the expulsion of David from the union.

From: []
Sent: 10 July 2015 13:17
To: ''
Subject: BASSA branch complaints

Dear Mr Weir,

On Tuesday this week your line manager [Mr Murray] informed me that he has received new complaints about me and has added them to your investigation. Doing this would appear to be a breach by him of Rule 27 Appendix 5, 2.3. 

He has not sent me these new complaints despite my request. He has also refused to disclose if any of the three complaints that I have seen arose from a branch meeting (and therefore had antecedent complaints, which I also have not seen). He is in effect withholding information from me which you have as part of your investigation. Therefore I am at a disadvantage in responding to your letter of 2/7/15 and I do not feel in a position to properly address the complaints against me (having not seen them all!) or to properly contribute to your investigation.

Line Manager Murray
What I will say is that my website postings relate to BASSA Branch and its ex-chair Lizanne Malone. I believe this branch is corrupt and that it broke bad several years ago. I have already proven in court that the branch made invalid nominations in breach of rule in the last Unite Executive elections. I have already proven in court that Lizanne Malone held office on the Unite Executive in breach of union rule. It has already been disclosed in open court that over £1/2 million of monies is unaccounted for in the branch and is only listed in the disclosed accounts as 'sundries', with no breakdown. The branch and the union have repeatedly delayed inspection of their books by a member of that branch, who is looking to discover what this and other similar sums were spent on. I believe large amounts of BASSA branch money have been misappropriated. The branch committee are actively pursuing grass roots members of the branch as I write. At least one member of the branch has left the union in disgust at their behaviour.

In the circumstances the union should be investigating the branch committee rather than investigating their retaliatory complaints against me. 

Lastly you ask for 'my views on my comments about Lizanne Malone at the foot of page3'. I am not clear which comments you want my view on. The page you refer to seems to have over half a dozen comments or statements of fact about Ms Malone. Please would you clarify which ones you want me to address?

I wonder if you would expect an employer to treat a union member in this way.

David Beaumont

Meanwhile the BASSA branch treasurer Marcel Devereux has joined in against David, with a rather ridiculous new complaint:

Adrian Smith BASSA Branch Secretary
From: Marcel Devereux Treasurer
Sent: 04 July 2015 15:47
To: Murray, Andrew D. Chief of Staff
Subject: Complaint

Dear Andrew

I find it distasteful that this website is publishing photographs of our ex Chair Lizanne Malone and our current branch secretary Adrian Smith, which I presume has the sole purpose of trying to ridicule them.

Who will be next?

Yours sincerely

Marcel Devereux Treasurer 1/2000

Previous story here: "Unite Complaint Saga Latest"