Corbyn Tops Labour Constituency Vote

Jeremy Corbyn is the most popular candidate for Labour leader among local Labour constituency parties, according to the latest party nomination figures.

He is backed by 152 constituency parties, with Andy Burnham in second place with 111, then Yvette Cooper with 106 and the one openly Bliarite, Liz Kendall, with an embarrassing 18.

You only need to look at how the constituencies voted compared to MP's nominations to see how out-of-touch our overpaid, opportunist and careerist MPs are ►

There's no point putting up a pie chart of which unions nominated whom. All the large unions nominated Jeremy Corbyn. The sad NUM, the despised USDAW and the corrupt UCATT differed. Not one union endorsed Kendall.

Kendall: Not even the Grave Diggers Union
New! The arrogance of Bliarite John McTernan: "If Corbyn wins the Labour leadership, he should be deposed immediately" and "who cares about the grassroots?"

New! See how constituencies voted

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