Panic in the Labour Party Establishment

On the same day that Murdoch's Times publish a poll showing Corbyn will win outright, the Labour Party has sent out emails to all ex-Labour Party members:

Presumably the thinking is that if you left the Labour Party and favour Corbyn, you won't bother doing anything as he's marked down to win.  On the other hand if you were on the Right you might rejoin to stop him.

The arrogance of the Bliaritres is that they don't realise most people probably left the Labour Party because it had become Tory Lite, not because they wanted it to be Tory Lite.

You can still register to get a vote for £3 here by 12 noon tomorrow (Wednesday the 12th)

The Labour followed up their email with an apology:

We sent you an email earlier in error saying you needed to reactivate your membership in order to vote. As you are currently a supporter I can confirm that you do not need to do anything and you will receive a vote in the leadership election.

Of course if you would like to re-join the Labour Party as a full member you would be very welcome to, and it would be great to have you back! You can do this at

Thanks, and sorry for the confusion.

Ben Nolan

Membership team
The Labour Party


  1. Dear David,

    Yes but I live in Northern Ireland so have a completely different perspective.

    I do not believe JC will work to allow LPNI to stand candidates in elections in NI so therefore we will never have a say in the UK government and never get away from sectarian politics – there is just no one for me to vote for here otherwise.

    And for politics and those who want peace here, it seems fairly clear that if JC wins and if Labour get into power again (which I believe can’t happen if he does – it will be the wilderness years all over again – wishful thinking doesn’t help) it could only be very seriously divisive and destructive for us (BtW I’m considered to be English and have always considered myself a socialist).

    I hope I’m proved wrong but can’t see it. If I’m not wrong a lot of people may have to move away from NI once again – and much worse than that. Some have actually been coming back over the past decade or so.

    Best wishes

  2. I doubt Labour will get into power at the next election, the tories are too smart, well funded and they have their constituency boundary changes up their sleeve. Not to mention the SNP. However Labour's chances with Burnham or Cooper are even lower - look how popular Corybyn is compared to them when he gets media time.

    But at least Corbyn will democratise the party and thereby boost the roots. If not Corbyn then we will never have a Left leader - they would never get over the hurdle of 35 MP's nominations again. If fact I can see Burnham/Cooper raising up the hurdle.