Now Jeremy Hardy is Banned

Radio 4 Comedian Jeremy Hardy
Following on from the ban on Mark Steel Voting in the Labour Party leadership election, now they have banned Jeremy Hardy.

It is rigging the election to stop Corbyn,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on Friday. “They are wishing to change the rules of the game during an election.

Hardy said he would formally apply to see the information used to justify his removal, but warned that the party could seek to exploit complaints to halt the election process.

The Labour party might be trying to invite a legal challenge so that they can say ‘let’s just scrap the election’. They are so desperate that I wouldn’t be surprised.

When it comes to a General Election are they going to ban celebrity supporters too? Are Radio 4 comedians too left wing for the Party?

Amidst reports that one supporter was banned within 5 hours of voting for Jeremy Corbyn, £3 supporters are considering delaying sending in their vote until the last minute, if it is for Corbyn.

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