Maxwellisation of the Chilcot Inquiry

 'the bouncing Czech'
The report into the Iraq War is currently being held up by a process called “Maxwellisation”. The procedure is named after the pension thief and former Daily Mirror owner, Robert Maxwell.

Maxwell  was criticised in a government report in 1969 and promptly took the Department of Trade and Industry to court. Maxwell lost, once in the High Court and again at the Appeal Court.  

Nonetheless, because of some comments made by the judge in Maxwell's initial application for an injunction (which he also lost!), it seems inquiries can no longer criticise anyone (even war criminal suspects Blair and Jack Straw) without waiting 2 years for their response ('God made me').

Anyway, back to the present.

You might think all Labour MPs wanted an inquiry to take place.  Or at least that all the front runners in the current leadership election did. How wrong you are:

Maybe that's because they also Consistently voted for the Iraq war in the first place.  

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