Corbyn Ahead on 43% of votes! No Thanks to McCluskey

Vote for Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn looks set to become the next Labour leader, according to a new poll today.

Some 43 per cent of party supporters have said they would choose the left-wing MP as their first preference in the Labour leadership ballot, research for YouGov for The Times has found.

The study also predicted that Kendall and Cooper would be eliminated, and the redistribution of votes under the Alternative Vote system would see Mr Corbyn beat Mr Burnham by 53 per cent to 47 per cent in the final round, respectively.

Lenny blows out Left
This comes amid reports in the Guardian that Unite General Secretary Len McCluskey had advised the union's Executive not to back Corbyn.

John McTernan, a former special adviser to Tony Blair in Downing Street, described the poll figures as “disastrous”, and labelled as "morons" MPs who had nominated Corbyn for the sole purpose of broadening debate within the party.

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