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Weir, Adrian - Unite Asst Chief of Staff
David Beaumont, a founder member of Grass Roots Left in Unite, has now responded to the original complaints made against him by three members of the BASSA branch committee.  The complaints were used to begin an investigation carried out by Adrian Weir, Unite Assistant Chief of Staff. The complainants are calling for the expulsion of David from the union.

From: []
Sent: 10 July 2015 13:17
To: ''
Subject: BASSA branch complaints

Dear Mr Weir,

On Tuesday this week your line manager [Mr Murray] informed me that he has received new complaints about me and has added them to your investigation. Doing this would appear to be a breach by him of Rule 27 Appendix 5, 2.3. 

He has not sent me these new complaints despite my request. He has also refused to disclose if any of the three complaints that I have seen arose from a branch meeting (and therefore had antecedent complaints, which I also have not seen). He is in effect withholding information from me which you have as part of your investigation. Therefore I am at a disadvantage in responding to your letter of 2/7/15 and I do not feel in a position to properly address the complaints against me (having not seen them all!) or to properly contribute to your investigation.

Line Manager Murray
What I will say is that my website postings relate to BASSA Branch and its ex-chair Lizanne Malone. I believe this branch is corrupt and that it broke bad several years ago. I have already proven in court that the branch made invalid nominations in breach of rule in the last Unite Executive elections. I have already proven in court that Lizanne Malone held office on the Unite Executive in breach of union rule. It has already been disclosed in open court that over £1/2 million of monies is unaccounted for in the branch and is only listed in the disclosed accounts as 'sundries', with no breakdown. The branch and the union have repeatedly delayed inspection of their books by a member of that branch, who is looking to discover what this and other similar sums were spent on. I believe large amounts of BASSA branch money have been misappropriated. The branch committee are actively pursuing grass roots members of the branch as I write. At least one member of the branch has left the union in disgust at their behaviour.

In the circumstances the union should be investigating the branch committee rather than investigating their retaliatory complaints against me. 

Lastly you ask for 'my views on my comments about Lizanne Malone at the foot of page3'. I am not clear which comments you want my view on. The page you refer to seems to have over half a dozen comments or statements of fact about Ms Malone. Please would you clarify which ones you want me to address?

I wonder if you would expect an employer to treat a union member in this way.

David Beaumont

Meanwhile the BASSA branch treasurer Marcel Devereux has joined in against David, with a rather ridiculous new complaint:

Adrian Smith BASSA Branch Secretary
From: Marcel Devereux Treasurer
Sent: 04 July 2015 15:47
To: Murray, Andrew D. Chief of Staff
Subject: Complaint

Dear Andrew

I find it distasteful that this website is publishing photographs of our ex Chair Lizanne Malone and our current branch secretary Adrian Smith, which I presume has the sole purpose of trying to ridicule them.

Who will be next?

Yours sincerely

Marcel Devereux Treasurer 1/2000

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