Sadiq Khan not a Signpost

Khan - Going for Gold
Just a few days before the ballot papers are sent out, Labour London Mayor Sadiq Khan has come out for Owen Smith.

Khan presented himself  today as a Corbyn supporter who has reluctantly come to the conclusion  that Owen Smith will be best for the Labour Party.

Fortunately these things are easy to check:  Khan has always been strongly anti-Corbyn.  Yes, he nominated Corbyn for leader along with a lot of other Blairites and Progress members, but admits he did not vote for the person he nominated.

In fact Khan appeared in the March 2016  leaked core list as "Hostile ", the most anti-Corbyn of the 5 categories of Labour MPs.  Khan undoubtedly voted against Corbyn in the secret no confidence vote that began the coup.

Also in the "Hostile"  group are Progress members Caroline Flint, Chuka Umunna, Yvette Cooper and Simon Danczuk.  Even the coup ring leader Hilary Benn only made it as far as the "Core Group Negative", one level below "Hostile".

So it's no surprise that on the eve of the ballot Khan shows his true colours, with a carefully constructed and planned speech.  What is shocking is his blatant misrepresentation of the position he has always held.  How can we ever trust politicians like this?

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