Eagle Plot Revealed

Angela Eagle prepared for leadership challenge two days before she resigned from shadow cabinet

"Supporters of Jeremy Corbyn’s rival, Angela Eagle, were preparing for a leadership challenge at least 48 hours before she quit Labour's shadow cabinet saying she had no confidence in the leader.

Angela Eagle yesterday
The domain name Angela4leader.org was registered last Saturday, 25 June – the day when then then shadow Foreign Secretary Hilary Benn was contacting fellow members of the shadow cabinet, telling that he had lost all confidence in Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

Mr Benn was sacked late that same night after a telephone conversation with the Labour leader. His sacking set off a stream of resignations, starting early on Sunday morning.

The Angela4leader domain name was registered by Joe McCrea, a PR consultant from Matlock, Derbyshire, who worked as a special adviser in the Department of Health and in Downing Street during the early years of Tony Blair’s premiership.

Asked why he had registered it while she was still a member of Mr Corbyn's shadow cabinet, Mr McCrea said: “No comment.”"


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