Keep Corbyn Rally Tonight 6pm Parliament Square

72% of members approve of Jeremy Corbyn
As Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn fights off attempts by his own MPs to dethrone him, thousands of his grassroots supporters across Britain are preparing to rally in his defence.  

The London demonstration, organized by the grassroots Labour network Momentum, quickly went viral, with over 3,500 people vowing to attend on social media.

Speakers so far:

Paul Mason, John McDonnell MP, Claudia Webb, Mo Azam, Roger McKenzie, Jenny Formby, Angela Rayner MP, Diane Abbott MP, Rebecca Long-Bailey MP, Sam Fairbairn, Nick Dearden,, Matt Wrack FBU, Caroline Hill, Christine Shawcroft, Dave Ward CWU

The future is uncertain. We face a Tory Brexit, Cameron has resigned and we are likely to have a general election in the coming months with the potential of Britain lurching yet further to the right.

A small number of Labour MPs are using this as an opportunity to oust Jeremy, disrespect the Labour membership who elected him and disregard our movement for a new kind of politics.

We cannot let this undemocratic behaviour succeed.

Join us at 6pm outside Parliament tomorrow, Monday 27th June.

The Parliamentary Labour Party will be meeting inside, so let's make sure they can hear us, the Labour Party members and voters, outside.

#KeepCorbyn. Let's build our movement.


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