Petition against John Mann calling Ken Livingstone "A Lying Racist"

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Blairite John Mann MP bullied Ken Livingstone and called him "A lying racist" and "A disgusting racist" on national TV, in the run up to local elections.

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"Disciplinary procedure for John Mann MP
John Mann MP, appallingly unprofessional and toxic behaviour to a fellow respected MP. Regardless of the argument - the harassment was totally opportunistic and beyond reprehensible. You are not at liberty, Mr Mann, to single-handedly bring the Labour Party into disrepute.
If you wonder why this petition was started watch Mann's behaviour below.
Here's one comment on the petition so far:

"John Mann has brought the Labour Party into disrepute and slandered Ken. Ken is not antisemitic and it is ridiculous that he has been suspended. Mann is the only person I see acting like a Nazi."

Mark Regev, Israeli Ambassador to the UK as of April 2016


  1. What a bully ! Thankfully the boundary changes mean that I am no longer represented by this " man ". On the downside ,Jenrick is my MP now so I will have to move.

  2. Ken might not be an anti-semite but he does have form and in this recent incident expressed himself badly and injudiciously. It's not the verifiability of his basic comment alluding to the Transfer Agreement that was the prime issue but the crude rehabilitation of Hitler into a Zionist, which by any standard is a ridiculous and false assertion which makes Ken look like a revisionist. John Mann's anger was instinctive and understandable. His actions are a counterweight to the impression given by Ken's behaviour and tend to prove that the Labour Party is not, in its entirety, riddled with anti-Jewish attitudes. Which is not to say that Jeremy Corbyn's own history and attitudes are not themselves a problem

  3. Rubbish Torylongfuse, Ken is not anti-Semitic full stop. Ken has only ever had the interests of the freedom of people at heart and he isn't afraid to say so even though reactionary forces continue to twist and lie about his actions and words. He's an easy target.Historically, if anybody is bothered with truth, Hitler and the Nazi's supported the Zionists move (approximately 60,000) Jewish people back to Palestine and supported their armed campaigns.The Zionist themselves stated that they wanted their own totalitarian state. Mr Mann's behaviour is utterly unreasonable, crude, desperate and very dubious. He must know that what he is saying is disingenuous - he's an intelligent, experienced politician. Therefore, one has to ask why did he pursue such an extreme action. Mann is the one that should be suspended from the party. It seems clear to me that he has a right-wing agenda or has been 'bought' by right-wing forces. Thankfully his desperation has shown him to be a reactionary idiot that has lost all credibility amongst all thinking citizens and labour supporters. Why hasn't anybody spoken about the Media and Tory anti-Semitism or fascism? Surely this has been and is more of a problem in society?