Cameron Did Have Investments in Father's Tax Dodging Fund

Present, Future, Past...
David Cameron initially (and carefully) stated that he has no offshore shares (now). Later he was forced to state that he will not benefit from any in the future.  He managed to evade talking about the past.

Now he has been compelled to admit that he did hold shares in Blairmore Holdings, a company blatantly but secretly set up to allow tax evasion. He admitted that he sold them in 2010.

Blairmore Holdings, currently worth £25 million, was set up by Cameron's father.  Shareholders were issued with 'bearer bonds' - certificates that were the only method of recording who owned shares - no register, no other records.

So if you had the certificate you were the only one who could ever show or claim a shareholding - very convenient if you forgot to tell the tax man - no one else could.  Until that is the Panama Papers leak, where correspondence from the law firm Mossack Fonseca happened to reveal it.

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