Not just the Unions then

"each undercover spy cost £250,000 a year"
Do read this amazing disclosure, also on BBC Newsnight tonight: Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station trial collapses  - where an undercover police officer spent 7 years as a leading green and anti-facist activist.

Compare it with an old favourite of ours:  Former NUM chief was police informer.

Mind you it's not just States that were at it:
"At some London Greenpeace meetings there were as many spies as campaigners present and, as McDonald's didn't tell each agency about the other, the spies were busily spying on each other (the court later heard how Allan Claire, had noted the behaviour of Brian Bishop, another spy, as 'suspicious')."
Kennedy - 'more joy in heaven
over one sinner who repents, 
than over ninety-nine righteous 
people who need no repentance'
Of course that sort of thing doesn't go on nowadays.... But if it did it'd be much easier with a centralised undemocratic and tightly controlled union.


  1. anti facist infiltration

    Suspected to be same officer, more on Indymedia

  2. I expect many left groups suffer from this form on infiltration. This should be no surprise.
    Every meeting of a left group could have a potential informer. The casual nature of the group and the way they recruit leaves a wealness.

  3. .....Sory spelling mistake. I mean weakness. Thank you

  4. easier to start at the top than the bottom especially if the organisation is top down rather than bottom up

  5. Yeah we have had SWP informers attend our meetings!