Len and Les - separated at birth

Plus Easter and Royal Weddings
Bayliss was the right wing candidate for General Secretary, McCluskey the 'left' winger who won.  Bayliss you recall said such nonsense as

'If I am General Secretary of Unite there will NEVER be any strikes called over Christmas'.

dearunite.com added, very presciently it now transpires, "Or Easter, or school holidays, or Ramadan, or bank holidays, or weekends (you get the drift)."

McCluskey of course is different.  He is of the Left.  He wouldn't say something like:

Would he?


  1. Len also made the point that its the members that decide when strike action takes place. This was at the time of Bayliss comments.

    Come on Dave. You can do better than thais!!

  2. surely that makes it worse, saying members decide pre election and then post election giving interviews where he says not at easter or the royal wedding? So members decide as long as its not christmas easter or royal weddings then. 4 legs good 2 legs bad becomes 4 legs good 2 legs better!