McCluskey and the Machine

You may have noticed there is an election for General Secretary of Unite. If you ever had any doubt that Assistant General Secretary Len McCluskey is the chosen candidate of the well oiled union machine then look no further than his own campaign website's source code*:
<meta name="webmaster" content="Webmaster of Rippleffect Studio" />
<meta name="creator" content="Rippleffect Studio Limited" />
<meta name="publisher" content="Rippleffect Studio Limited" />
<meta name="author" content="Rippleffect Studio Limited" />
<meta name="description" content="Unite 4 Len Open:- Home" />

'Rippleffect Studio Limited' are one of hundreds of thousands of web site developers. Just by chance they happen to do Unite's website too (click below):

"Digital Agency Rippleffect has landed contracts for the Communication Workers Union and the UK's biggest union, Unite. Rippleffect, which has offices in Liverpool and Manchester, has redeveloped the CWU website and created a new online portal for Unite."

* to view any website source code click on 'view' and then 'source' in Internet Explorer or 'page source' in Firefox.


  1. the revisionists would not care for a propa Union Man, VIVA !!

    Comrade Len McCluskey

  2. VIVA indeed. See how McCluskey's Unite management treat workers: 'latin american workers in unite: from heroes to pariahs'