Charlie Whelan out of Unite

No more champagne then...
Charlie Whelan was appointed 'Political Director' of Unite out of the blue by General Secretary Simpson, at a large undisclosed salary. Now just as suddenly and undemocratically he has gone. His only achievement we have noticed is his scheme to ensure that all Unite prospective MPs have to be approved onto a list.  Once on, if not selected for a seat, they cannot stand against the chosen one. (see page 11).  Nothing about following Unite policy once in power then, more about face fitting.

One of his last, expensive, contributions to the Unite Executive meetings was
"Charlie Whelan reported that Labour can still win the General Election and people should not get too despondent about opinion polls" (minute 542).
Whelan failed to get one of his mates,Balls,picked as Unite's Labour leader preference,  Guardian Story here

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