Mills v Unite - Remedy at last


Private Eye 18/8/2021

It's taken 7 years but Karen Mills has finally got justice.  The Employment Tribunal awarded her a massive £56,176 plus £2,500 costs!  The award is so large that the statutory limit of £38.6K kicked in.

The Judge awarded aggravated damages saying the union had been "spiteful and vindictive" and conducted  "a campaign of hatred raged against a single individual".  

He added: "It is difficult to think of a more high-handed, malicious, insulting, oppressive conduct or behaviour based on prejudice or animosity or which is spiteful or vindictive or intended to wound" (his emboldening).  

He also raised a judicial eyebrow at the union's QC: 

"The submissions made by the union are surprising to say the least.  They amount to an assertion that the union can denigrate a member as much as it likes and then when it is declared that it acted unlawfully, can simply shrug its metaphorical shoulders and assert that there is nothing it can do to reverse the harm it has caused. It would be a disgrace if Unite could avoid liability for compensation by such a disingenous and cynical route."

The full judgement is here.

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