The French Connection

What is the connection?

1) Saudi prince arrested in drugs bust after TWO TONNES of Captagon drugs found on jet

Robert Fisk writes: "It’s not every day you get to bust a Saudi prince. Twenty-five boxes and six suitcases, all – according to photos and video – stamped with the Saudi Arabia emblem of palm tree and crossed swords, to be shipped out on a private Saudi jet. And on the boxes can be seen the name of an emir of the state for which David Cameron himself lowers the British flag when the monarch dies."


2) "Investigators, according to French media, [went] to rooms 311 and 312 in a hotel in Alforttville, a suburb about four miles southeast of central Paris. There, police found the needles the attackers had used to inject themselves with the amphetamine Captagon. The drug, police believe, helped the killers remain calm enough to complete their bloody rampages." Miami Herald


Syrian crisis: the booming business of Captagon 

"During wars, psychoactive substances have always been the secret weapon of military troops."

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