Unite General Secretary Election Results

Jerry Hicks: 79,819 (36%)
Len McCluskey: 144,570 (64%)
Valid votes: 224,389

A rise in Hicks' votes of some 65% (his share in the 2010 General Secretary election was 22%)


  1. Meeting about Unite Branch closures in London & Eastern Region

    A decision has been made by the L&E Regional Council at it’s meeting in April to close 100’s of branches throughout the region with immediate effect from May 15th. All branch accounts were blocked with immediate effect and all branch assets are required to be returned to the Regional Office at Woodberry (which itself has now just been sold for £7.5 million!). There has been NO consultation in advance of this sudden move. No one has even been informed which branch they will become a member of. The letter from Peter Kavanagh, the Regional Secretary, states that as new branches are established members will be written to, inviting them to inaugural branch meetings. So until such time there will be no branch for members to even attend! The democratic structures of the union have been removed with a single stroke. This heavy handed and undemocratic move flies in the face of the promise made by Len McCluskey to be “a democratic union with members in charge and authority pushed out to the industrial sectors, branches, workplaces and regions”.

    A meeting has therefore been called by supporters of Jerry Hicks, who opposed Len McCluskey in the General Secretary election, to discuss this latest turn of events. Jerry Hicks will be speaking at the meeting. ALL UNITE MEMBERS ARE INVITED TO ATTEND.

    7-30pm to 9-30pm -Thursday 16th May
    Friends Meeting House
    Rainsford Road
    CM1 2QL
    Located on junction of Parkway and Rainsford Road. Five minute walk from Chelmsford Rail & Bus Station. (see map)

    1. thanks NickW so well written I have put it as a post. Contact me if you'd like to be able to post directly david@dearunite.com