Still time to fix Unite

There is only one week left to vote. If you 've lost the ballot paper down the back of the sofa then call the helpline free on 0800 783 3856* and they will send you a new one. If you know a member who hasn't voted tell them to do that. Ballot papers must be returned by Friday 12 April 2013.

The other side has resorted to some dirty tactics in the last couple of weeks. See Jerry Hicks' dignified response at

Let's respond to the negativity with a vote for change that will send shock waves through the union and political establishment.
  • VOTE FOR a leader but on an average worker's wage
  • VOTE FOR elected officials, not appointed ones
  • VOTE FOR equal rights for all workers regardless of origin
  • VOTE FOR an (extra)ordinary member who's led strikes and occupations
  • VOTE FOR JERRY HICKS and a grassroots movement of millions!
The video is of Jerry at a protest for UBS bank cleaners led by a Bolivian woman in 2010 - go to minute 3,20. Fighting discrimination is not about ticking boxes on manifestos but being there when it matters...

*(0818 333 155 from the Irish Republic)

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