Simpson's Golden Wheelchair

Simpson - Ermine wheelchair
It's just been revealed than ex General Secretary Simpson was paid £510,659 last year.  This was made up of £361,347 in severance pay, £97,677 in gross salary, and more than £51,000 in housing benefit and car allowances.

Unite's executive, who are meant to run the union, requested a legal opinion on the payoff at their meeting on Monday.

Full story in the Guardian, Telegraph and Huffington Post.

Previous story Simpson Tops Union Rich List.


  1. Beaumont, why are you using the term 'golden wheelchair' when referring to Simpson's excesses? What has a wheelchair got to do with greed, and a weak Amicus Executive that surrendered so much of our money to a leech.

    Why are you equating disability with greed? You're no better than the scabs at the Daily Hate or Murdoch's Scum who regularly denigrate and demonise disabled people. Indeed, you're in the same league as the Tory filth who are using the demonization to cut benefits such as DLA.

    Beaumont, by all means continue your fixation with Simpson; but, don't use disability or its symbols to score cheap shots.

  2. Sean you're a sad sad person

  3. I don't think Sean is sad, and the point he is making is valid. If you deal with disabled members you would understand the point he is making,i.e. linking a wheel chair to something negative, therefore this could be seen as offensive. Its the same theme when using the word "Blacklist" when "Blocklist" would be better as once again it links the word black to something negative. If you represent minority groups this would make sense to you. Keep up the articles, but please think about the content...

    The Watcher

  4. Not only a crap union leader, lost 100 of thousands of members, but a greedy one too.

    Just shows how corruptable and useless the executive was.

    Handing in my Unite membership today.

  5. should have used parachute instead of wheelchair oh no then our brave boys fighting abroad would be insulted instead

  6. "Anonymous said...
    Sean you're a sad sad person
    July 19, 2011 5:30 PM"

    That's very true. However, I'm a sad sad person who isn't hiding behind anonymity.

  7. That's odd Sean, I was convinced some of the anonymous abuse posted on this forum in the past was from you. It was very similar to the stuff you used to post on the UL list about me, and the the email abuse in Russian you sent Eugene, and the personal attacks on Andy. Maybe they were all from Rhys then.

  8. Aha Sean now I can see what you're up to. New blog just last month, no more anonymous postings, Photo even on your profile.

    You're after the new disability seat on the Exec aren't you.

  9. Get back to basics. Without Trades Union organization anarchy will prevail.

  10. sean get a life you tosser,,