Wikileaks - Holding up the Mirror are hosting a Wikileaks mirror list page.

Wikileaks are being harassed by the US government and their main domain has been disabled.   Click here to see a list of over 2,100 mirrors of the Wikileaks site, any will take you to the Wikileaks home page.

Under pressure from the US government PayPal have stopped handling donations to Wikileaks.  You could always type "online payments" into Google and then click on any ad link in the right hand column paid for by PayPal e.g. their link.  Each click costs PayPal money.

Remember it was Wikileaks who published the BNP's membership list last year.

New! Don't forget our famous Indy News page.


  1. wonder if wilileaks got anything on who paid for all the press adverts or that chuckle bus?

    was it big business or political or ashcroft ?

    no doubt any inquiry will now be buried?